Zero-Waste Shave Kit


Everything you need for a smooth, zero-waste shave!  Personalize this kit by choosing your razor colour. Dusty rose, matte black or cream are available.

Please specify your colour preference in the notes section of your order.

This kit includes 1 Well Kept Safety Razor, 1 jar of Zilch Boutique Shave Balm, 1 Blade Safe, and one pack of blade refills.

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The solid brass safety razor comes with one safety razor blade.

After a lot of research and product testing, we’ve found that safety razors provide the greatest shave. Though traditionally used by men, there is absolutely no reason women can’t enjoy their sophisticated and superior results.

Safety razors are far more gentle on your skin and dramatically decrease irritation because they use a single blade rather than the multi-blade cartridges you’re most likely used to.

These razors can be used with a shave oil, rather than soap or shaving cream, which allows you to shave and moisturize simultaneously.

Safety razors are a far more sustainable option. They are made to last a lifetime, contain no plastic, and the blades have very minimal packaging.

Finally, although the initial investment is significant, safety razor blades are a fraction of the cost of multi-blade cartridges and will save you in the long run.

Shave Balm:

Directions: Slather balm onto skin evenly.  Shave normally, ensuring razor glides smoothly.  No need to wash off as the balm will moisturize and soothe the skin.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil

Razor Refills:

The Astra Double Edge Blade is made with high quality stainless steel to achieve a smooth shave. Designed to to last a lot longer than a few shaves, skin has never felt more comfortable with a blade. Made for all modern double edge safety razors, shaving is now quick and easy. Crafted in Russia.

Packaging: The blades come in a small, recyclable cardboard box, with each blade carefully wrapped in thin, fully recyclable paper.

End of Life: The blades can be placed in the Rockwell Blade Safe (find it here).  Once the Blade Bank is full, simply throw it in the metal recycling.

Blade Safe:

The Rockwell Blade Safe is a safe, convenient way to dispose of used double-edge razor blades. The Rockwell Blade Safe fits all double-edge razor blades and is completely recyclable – once it’s full, simply throw it in the recycling!


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