Welcome to Zilch Boutique!

The idea to open this shop began when I realized how little people knew about being low-waste and sustainable.  Many believe that the answer to saving the planet is to stop drinking out of plastic straws, but what about the plastic cup that the drink is in?  That plastic cup is just as wasteful as the straws, but to keep up with the latest trend people have stopped using straws.  You’re probably thinking “oh, but we can just recycle the cups after.” However, there are studies showing that only 10% of plastic is recycled in Canada.  The other 90% ends up in the landfills, oceans and parks mainly due to food contamination and residue on the plastics.

During my research regarding recycling, it was brought to my attention that this has detrimental effects on our wildlife. Nearly 90% of seabirds are found to have plastic in their gut, which eventually fills the bird’s stomach with this indigestible material.  This then leaves them with little to no room for food, causing them to starve.

So recycling is not the answer to cleaning up the planet.  Cutting out the plastic and single-use items in your life is the only way to truly give this planet a chance to survive.  That’s where Zilch Boutique comes in.

My goal is to be a reliable resource to my community, to provide all the essentials, and education needed to easily begin a zero-waste life, minus all the stress or high priced products being sold on the market.  I focus on supporting local/Canadian companies and also ensure my products are of high quality to guarantee that they are long-lasting.  I provide ingredient lists, packaging information, end of life practices for each and every product to make sure starting (or continuing) your zero-waste life is as easy as possible.  I hope that I can be an inspiration to my community and I hope to be part of the change and growth of this planet.  I hope that you will join me on this waste-free journey to ensure our children, and our children’s children have a beautiful planet to live on.